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Poker Strategy

poker strategy: Here is an overview of our poker strategy articles. The individual texts are again divided into different categories, depending on which poker strategy you are interested in and what your current status is. From bloody beginners to professionals, we offer the right strategies.

Why Poker Strategy?

When you come to the poker tables for the first time, you are probably wondering one or the other time why you should think of a strategy. Initially, poker is considered more of a game of chance than a gamble, and as you know, you don't need particularly good strategies for that. But if you are serious about poker and want to be a good player, you cannot avoid a good poker strategy.

Poker is not a game of chance! Of course, luck is a component of the game, but there is luck in every game. Be it backgammon or even tennis. Imagine you were out of luck playing tennis and every ball would go out on the line. Then it is very difficult to compensate for this bad luck. Sometimes it is even impossible. And that is exactly the case with poker: you can hardly win if your opponents get every card they want and you only get 72 dealt. Of course, the luck component in poker is higher than in tennis, for example, but that doesn't change the fact that you can increase your chances of winning in poker with a good strategy and thus beat your opponents in the long term. That's why you should look at and learn poker strategies at all.

What is the best way to learn poker?

As always, many roads lead to Rome. There is no THE best way to learn poker. There are professionals who have never had a poker book in hand, others need poker books to create a theoretical basis. Then there are players who prefer to search the Internet, look for their information there or, for example, only work with coaching videos. All of this is possible and we will not give you a “master plan” on how best to adopt poker strategy.

What good poker schools are there?

The internet is big and therefore there are a lot of different online poker schools. Nevertheless, you can actually make a pretty good division. They don't want their players to sit around the tables completely unsuspecting, so they try to teach them the basic poker strategy. In addition to these poker schools, there are paid sites where you have to pay for the apprenticeship. These are professional coaching sites, which mostly have very well-known and successful coaches on offer, which help the students to improve their game. Such coaching sites are only something for more advanced players.