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Cards Games Online

Play online card games: On the Casino website you can choose from an extensive range of games. It is a compilation site of various game providers. The range varies from the well-known Patience, the "plague" game Uno to the old game casino. The use of the casino site is free. You can play the more than 40 games as often as you like. New games are also regularly added for extra challenges.

Card games

Most games are variations on the old, well-known games Patience and Solitaire. Games that mean translated patience and alone. That is exactly the fun part about the games. You can have great hours on this website with variations such as Ace of Spades, Tri Peaks, Speed ??and the now well-known card games Blackjack and Poker.

The various card games that can be played are very accessible. The rules of play are explained briefly for each game. So it's easy to try a new game.The site is a great snack but certainly also material for a day hanging behind the computer. The games can be played separately as a snack, but with different games the difficulty level is also higher, so that a longer playing time can be achieved.

Clover coats

Clover jackets is a game that has been played for years in cafes, club buildings, at home and at the campsite. The somewhat younger players may not be familiar with it, but that is no problem on this website. Both the Amsterdam and Rotterdam style of Klaverjassen is clearly explained and is accessible to everyone. The English-speaking players were also considered. They can play the English version of the game.

When the game is started the player can indicate which card game and background color he wants to use. Being awful because there are sometimes games that you can no longer watch after 10 minutes or because you are used to a card game, for example. Various options can also be switched on and off. The automatic fame counting or the punishment of renouncing can, for example, be done or not. In this way the game can be adapted to everyone's own way of playing.

What is also very nice is that unlike some other websites, you don't need a "real" partner on Casino. You play against three computer players. As a result, as a starting player you cannot make any mistakes when signaling. This way you can see exactly how many points you still need to win and how the points are distributed.