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Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem Poker is the most popular variant of poker. This poker variant is played worldwide and many people do not know that there are other poker rules at all. Many people mean by saying "I'm going to play poker", "I'm going to play Texas Hold em Poker". In this article we explain what distinguishes this poker variant from other poker games.

Play Texas Hold em Poker

If you want to play Texas Hold em Poker you can go anywhere. But what are the Texas Holdem rules? The game belongs to the "board / flop games" category. That means that every player receives hole cards and that there are also a number of community cards. The community cards can be used by all players to match their own cards. The player with the highest card combination wins the poker hand.

History of Texas Hold em

In the past 5 card draws were mainly played at the poker table, but this game has gradually disappeared. The rules of Texas Hold em were much more player friendly than with the other variants of poker. One of the most legendary poker players of all time is Doyle Brunson. He and a number of other poker players introduced Hold 'em in Las Vegas in 1967 to the very first edition of the World Series of Poker. Until 2003 the game remained a bit unknown, but then there was a big poker boom (read as boom). Because in that year the American Chris Moneymaker (whats in the name) won the main event of the World Series of Poker. He qualified for the main tournament via an online poker satellite and turned his participation into a top prize of $ 2.5 million. This was also broadcast on national television, making the poker craziness in America complete. This hype was then transferred to other parts of the world, so that the poker version of Texas Holdem is now being played everywhere in the world.

What are the rules of Texas Holdem Poker?

At the table is one player who is the dealer. This dealer has a dealer button. With this variant, every player at the table receives 2 cards. These cards are for the player himself and may not see the other players. They are called the hole cards. The first card is dealt to the first player to the left of the dealer. The rest of the cards are dealt clockwise one by one to the other players. This stops as soon as each player has 2 cards.

The dealer again places one face up on the table and then one card face up on the table with the three others. This card is called the turn. Again there is another betting round (just like the previous betting round). This is the 3rd betting round.

When the third betting round is finished, the dealer places one card face down for the last time and one card face up on the table. This last card is called the River. After the river is placed on the table, the 4th and final round of play takes place. If there are players left with a poker hand at the end of the last round, these players will go to the showdown.