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Latest Promotions

Casino promotions: As soon as you visit an online casino https://freespinscasino.org/, you will immediately notice that beautiful casino bonuses are often offered. In addition, a combination of the two is also possible. Of course there is nothing wrong with this, because they are nice bonuses for new players (as explained sufficiently on this website). However, the promotions and promotions that many online casinos offer to players who are no longer new can be just as interesting.

Deposit bonuses

It is often thought that a bonus is only given the first or the first few times when you top up your play credit. However, this is usually not the case. Well, the first bonus (s) is / are usually 100% and the deposit bonuses are often a lot lower, nevertheless they are worth it. Imagine occasionally taking a chance at an online casino of your choice, then chances are that you have already received the welcome bonuses. It is then advisable to keep a close eye on the promotions and to check your mailbox regularly. Chances are that several times a week you have the opportunity to receive another 30% bonus money with a deposit.

Loyalty program

Especially at internationally oriented online casinos, there is often a loyalty program linked to a "real money account". You can best compare this with an automatic points savings program, where you can exchange the points for bonus money, among other things. So every time you place a bet with real money, you will save points. The nice thing is that this often goes unnoticed faster than you might initially think.

Prices promotions

Perhaps the nicest promotions are the "free" prize winning opportunities. We see an enormous amount of variation in this, but the prizes to be won are often not wrong. How about fully catered luxury vacations to a tropical country, or the latest iPad products? These promotions are often only reserved for players who play with real money, but without extra costs. For example, it is possible that you receive a lottery ticket free of charge for a specific amount deposited, or that you immediately receive a scratch card so that you can immediately see whether you have won. You will often see these prize promotions in the picture as soon as you are logged in to your account. So you can never miss them. In addition, most online casinos will contact you by email at the unique promotions.

Tell a friend-in bonus

Almost all online casinos that I know have a "tell a friend-in bonus" promotion / promotion. The principle is simple: use a form where you state the names and e-mail addresses of your friends that you think the online casino would like to try. They will then receive an invitation from your name and as soon as they purchase play money for the first time, you will receive a bonus.